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SFBA VROC is the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Vulcan Riders and Owners Club, an International group of Internet Kawasaki Vulcan enthusiasts. The SFBA Chapter is a misnomer of sorts since it includes Northern California, Northern Nevada, Southern Oregon and Utah.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Jelly Belly Oct 1, 2005

Cat rides up from SoCal to Nite Lite's home. SFBA VROC must have a Ride. We are to meet at the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, CA at 10:00 AM on Saturday, October 1, 2005.

We have a really good turn out to greet and ride with Cat and the Sublows. Top Dawg from Atwater, Sky from Stockton, Rocket Rod and Cindy from Lincoln, Jazzhound from Berkeley and I just show up to take photos at the Jelly Belly Factory.

Nite Lite will lead a Ride over Trinity-Oakville Grade Road and on to Occidental for lunch at Negri's.

Trinity-Oakville Grade Road by Pashnit

Now the Jelly Belly Photos

Jelly Bean Attacks Linda "Homeless" Sublow

New VROC Beetle

New VROC Beetle II

A new water bottle?

Belly Flops

Belly Flops are mistakes that are sold in two pound bags of assorted flavors. At a third of the price of the "good" bellies. Cat is selecting her three bags full.

Chocolate Jelly Bellies are Nite Lite's favorite.

Dawg, Sky, Jazzhound, Rocket and Cindy at the entrance.

Jazzhound and Sky. Jazzhound from Berkeley has a new Nomad and this is his first Ride with fellow VROCers.

Chocolates, Only Sold at the Factory. I tried a sample. Their chocolates are very good.

Displaying the bags of Belly Flops.

Cat and Howard Want the Same Shirt

Howard needs a bigger size.

Top Dawg Buying Beans

Dawg Eating Beans

Cat on a Shopping Spree

Cat paying the piper for her shopping items.

The clocks in the upper right of the photo display the time for various international cities. The Jelly Belly guide book and Recipe book are printed in 8 languages and are provided free to visitors.

The Group

Rocket Rod Wants This Beetle

Nite Lite Leads the Ride

Pulling out

Rocket Rod and Cindy

Who is that riding Tail Gunner?

Gone Riding

Now for Top Dawg's report:

Here's the short report:

Yesterday I went up to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield where I met
Don VSP (had to split and was absent from the rest of the ride), Nite
Lite and Linda, Rocket Rod and Sindy, and a new member Paul from
Berkeley. We went up to Santa Rosa, lunch in Occidental, over to Bodega
Bay, then down Hwy 1 where we split up to get home our separate ways.

I took Hwy 1 to Stinson Beach and then south to Muir Beach (which I
erroneously called Jones' Beach although I think there was a nudist
beach in that area called that 40 yrs ago when I lived up there) to
visit an old haunt and then Hwy 1 into S. Mill Valley and into SF via
the GG.

SF was clogged as hell downtown due to the Bay Bridge ramp closure on
1st St so everybody had to go up Mission to the 6th St ramp - talk about
a mess. Anyway, got back here around 8:30 very glad to be home. Total
for the day (for me only) was about 430 miles.

I'm sure Nite Lite will have a little more detailed info, including his
time-saving(?) detour around some stop'n'go traffic on the freeway in SR.

All in all, a great ride, Sure wish you coulda been with us Don. Howard
hogged all the waitress action at Noni's - we could've used you to keep
him in check.

{ arrrgh....I forgot to mention CAT who was the guest of honor, and Sky!
Damn CRS strikes again - so sorry you two...that's what happens when I
try to do a ride report this early in da morning. }

Robert "Top Dawg" Alexander

Now for Rocket Rod's Report

What a great ride this was!! Howard did an excellent job of
leading us through some outstanding roads and quite an mc
adventure! We were rolling through tree canopy covered shaded
twisties and zooming right past big redwoods, then climbs and
descents and climbs and descents, and the next thing I knew
I felt like I was Luther in Excalibur riding through the foggy
dragon's breath high a top a narrow trail overlooking ... over-
lookin ... well, hell if I know what it was over looking(!) it
was so foggy ... I just remember Howard sending back a message of
caution which Top Dawg passed to me about the single narrow road
and free roam cattle up ahead and down around the next turns ...
WHOOHOO! WHAT A BLAST!! Then, next thing I knew we were out in
civilization again; well a small coastal place ( Bodega Bay ) for
a gas stop and a few digital shots of the ocean.

After we gassed up, we headed off toward Petaluma. Sky had departed
for Cloverdale from Occidental, and then at some point Top Dawg
departed the group and headed off toward SF ... then a few miles
later Night Lite, Linda, and Cat turned off down some side roads while
Paul and I headed straight into Petaluma. Upon arriving in Petaluma and
traveling east bound on the 116 we saw Night Lite's group at an
intersection and turning onto the 116 too. A short ways down they
turned off and Paul and I continued down the 116 to the 121 and the
12, which dropped me out in Fairfield onto the 80. I headed east
toward Sacramento and Paul headed west toward Berkley from there.
I was home in Lincoln just in time to ride in while watching the
sun set! What a great ride!! I put a little over 300 miles in for
the day :) Thanks for a wonderful ride, Howard ... and Cat,
for getting it pulled together! :) Hope you had a great reunion,
Don--but, we missed having you there with us on the ride :(

VROC #10853 Zen #408
2001 Kawasaki 800 Classic
Lincoln, Ca